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Only Happy When It Rains

New Beginnings

1 December
Well, I've been here for a while, a transplant from San Diego...love it here, never leaving unless the weather gets warmer...fav band of all time: Bauhaus, fav current band: Collide. Fav color: purple. Fave movie of all time: Blade Runner. fave movie now: Underworld Evolution; Fave tv show of all time: Star Trek (all versions pretty much) fave tv show now: LOST. pretty much a old time goth, lots of lace, velvet and such, not much vinyl. Love meeting new people and traveling, road trips to Portland in my future after that fab Vampire's Ball ! drop me a line if you want to know more....


I'll bet you expected this answer. You already knew you were a DARK ANGELIC, didn't you? You are similar to a demon but slightly different in that you don't revel in evil...you revel in pleasure. Your wings resemble an angel's but if that's so then you are a Fallen Angel - your love of sin caused you to be cast from the Heavens. They are black as raven wings and are nearly as dark as your desires. You believe there is no Judgement Day to fear and so you can do what you want! You have a refined concept of what is sexy and a slightly chaotic sense of 'fun.'

You are typically attracted to those that will challenge your mind, power, and wit...and are 'dangerous' people like you. You seek excitement and passion everywhere and in everyone. Chances are you have a special talent for magick - you're a powerful being and you know what you want. Like a Serpent of Eden you like to try your powers of seduction and manipulation, though your intent is rarely to cause harm. You have a deep, dark sense of art and/or poetry, because your mind is a deep, dark place. While typically smirking, amused, and sarcastic, you are capable of a passion and intensity unrivaled by any other. In your eyes life is for enjoyment and pleasure - nothing else. If you're not having fun in your own twisted way, you're not happy.

You are easily bored with the vast majority of people. You are most likely drawn towards the Gothic subculture and probably adore Goth music, art, and style. Many people look down on your seemingly careless lifestyle. You know you're sexy and you're damn proud of it. Dark Angels have an outlook most like Satanists - looking to none but themselves for power. Congratulations! You're my kindred spirit. As far as I'm concerned - you know what life is REALLY about. Have fun...Muahaha.